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Top 5 Kayak Brands

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t is common to ask someone which is the best automobile brand and that same person would come up with different answers dependable on durability, mileage, engine and so on. Kayaks follow the same line of thought, it is very difficult to distinguish which brand of kayak to buy. Most people buy the cheapest due to concept of the vehicle; it goes on the water and someone paddles it. However, very different brands supply very different needs. This article will to identify the top kayaks brands for the outdoor enthusiasts.Barracuda KayaksManufactured in New Zealand, Barracuda Kayaks involve innovation on design and technology to provide kaykers top performance ocean kayaks. A Deep V technology was introduced to the newly manufactured kayaks in which allows the paddler to have extra speed, stability and control even in cross wind situations. The kayaks are also very durable UV resistant. The Barracuda factory is in Silverdale, 20 minutes from Auckland.Point 65'N KayaksSpecialized in kayaks for both lakes and ocean, Point 65'N is a brand that not only dominates the Swedish market (where the company is based) but also has massive influence on the European and North American market. Concentrating on comfortability and performance, their kayaks are know for easy control, high speed and very light. Fourteen different models are offered by Point 65'N Kayaks depending on level, use and price. Point 65'N manufacturers kayaks for all and are based in Solina, Sweden.RTM KayaksConsidered to be almost a caravan of the waters, the kayak's enthusiasts do not recall RTM Kayaks with a different view other than kayaks that can carry a lot of gear and baggage. RTM manufactures their products in Bon Encontre, France. Although their main line is based on heavy kayaks for long trips, they also provide a line of high quality, durable kayaks. Manufacturing more than 20 kayaks, they supply the needs of the whole market and are continuously expanding their visibility.Hobie Kayaks The California based manufacturer is considered the top brand of kayaks in the world. Operating in the water rides business since the 50's, Manufacturing kayaks mainly for the ocean use, all their products contain high technology pedals suitable to any type of water in the world. With converting options and precise extra gear, Hobie provides it's customer in nothing but the best. The company is based in Oceanside, California.Hurricane KayaksSelf stating more than a century of experience in kayaks, Hurricane Kayaks, although not very acclaimed by critics, may be the one that provides the best-performing, best-designed and best-valued kayaks out there. With all it's line weighting at least 10 pounds less than the average kayak. Adding up the amazing glideness and rigidity of the material consisting the kayaks, Hurricane manufacturers amazing kayaks with pure technology and experience. The company is based in Warsaw, North Carolina.